Recruitment Bank BTN Syariah

Bank BTN Syariah is a Bank BTN Strategic Business Unit (SBU) conducting its business based on syariah principles and commenced operating on February 14, 2005, marked by the opening the first Syariah Branch Office in Jakarta.

The aim of opening this SBU was to accommodate the strong demand of the people for availing themselves of Syariah financial services with due observance of the superior Syariah banking principles, decrees of the MUI concerning bank interest and compliance with the outcome of the General Meeting of Shareholders of 2004.

Our Objective

1. To meet the Bank’s demand for rendering syariah financial services.
2. To support achievement of the targeted bank BTN profits.
3. To improve the Bank’s tenacity in confronting the changing business environment.
4. To balance out fulfillment of the interests of employees and customers

Jobs at Bank BTN Syariah for February 2012
Acceptance of Officer Candidate - Bank BTN Syariah - PT. Bank Tabungan Negara (Persero) Tbk

PT. Bank Tabungan Negara (Persero) Tbk. opens up opportunities for Indonesia's best sons and daughters who have an excellent passion, that are able to work as a team, strong commitment and integrity as well as attractive looking to join the Bank BTN Syariah in order to develop networks of Bank BTN Syariah branch office, with the following positions :

For the following positions :

  • Clearing Staff
  • Transaction Processing Staff

For the following positions :

  • Accounting & Reporting Staff
  • Financing Administration Staff
  • Collection Staff
  • Human Capital Support Staff
  • Internal Control Staff

For the following positions :

  • Consumer Financing Service Staff
  • Junior Consumer Financing Analyst
  • Financing Document Staff
  • Operation Staff


Other Informations :

1. Only the best qualified applicants that will be called and will be included in subsequent stages of selection process
2. The selection process using knockout system (sistem gugur) and selection decisions are ABSOLUTE and can not be contested.

Application Procedures


For candidates who have been interested in order to apply at one desired job position provided above, please use the appropriate link below to access complete annoucement of these jobs refer to Bank BTN Syariah Recruitment - February 2012

For details of each job's requirements, please access this link
For complete registration procedures information, please access this link

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