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Riding like the wind with good friends. Relying on a motorcycle for everyday living or as a trusted business partner. Creating a closer relationship between humans and motorcycles. Honda strives to bring the joy of motorcycles to as many people as possible while also becoming more environmentally responsible.
Complementing the lifestyles of customers in each region

Since the production and sales of its first mass-produced motorcycle, the Dream D, in 1949, Honda has offered products that enrich the lifestyles of customers around the world. Honda has now been producing motorcycles for more than 60 years, is the world’s leading motorcycle manufacturer in terms of number of units sold, and has manufactured a cumulative total of 200 million motorcycles as of 2008. Honda is also a leader in the localization of manufacturing, research and development. It currently manufactures products at 30 production bases in 21 countries worldwide and has established R&D centers in the U.S., Germany, Italy, Thailand, China and India. In each of these countries, motorcycle development is tailored to meet regional market characteristics and customer tastes.

PCX (Japanese specifications)
Enhancing convenience and environmental performance

Honda always strives to harmonize the joy of riding and environmental responsibility and is working on research and development efforts that improve the convenience and ecological performance of its products. In September 2009, Honda developed the world’s first fully automatic motorcycle Dual Clutch Transmission, which delivers sporty riding enjoyment as well as easy operation and fuel economy that rival or surpass that of conventional manual transmissions. Honda also developed a new CV-Matic transmission for use with Cub-type engines. This fully automatic transmission enhances the ease of use of Cub-type models, which have won millions of fans around the world. In addition to offering convenience, Honda will deliver products with ever-higher environmental performance to even more customers everywhere.

PT Astra Honda Motor was the manufacturing & distribution of the largest motorcycle in Indonesia, with the number of employees more than 10,000 people. In accordance with the vision of the company, PT. Astra Honda Motor is always working to provide the best mobility solution that could meet customer needs with world-class management system.

For that we need the best human resources in a creative, innovative, competitive and ready to join in achieving that goal. In HR management, PT. Astra Honda Motor has a system of management of human resources professionals with the principles of Fair Internally and externally Competitive accompanied by the development of human resources through training programs and other development and a clear career path in line with the development of the motorcycle business increased.

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Available Position

Job description:

* Calculate the capacity and cost / unit for production line
* Basic design concept for the fixture / equipment / infrastructure / inspection jig
* Develop program to improve efficiency and productivity production


* S1 has passed the Mechanical Engineering / Industrial Engineering / Chemical Engineering / Civil / Electrical / Electronics Engineering / Mechatronics
* Min GPA 2.75
* Max age 27 years
* Understand the specifications of the machine / jig / equipment / facilities - infrastructure
* Understand engineering drawings
* Understanding the manufacturing process
* Understand the demands of the quality of each process
* Understanding the function of components and materials properties
* Have a good team work
* Have the analytical skills and good managerial

Job description:

* Responsible for process design flow line
* Creating Engineering Drawing Machinery / Equipment / Facilities & Infrastructure / Inspection Jig
* Standards make use of materials / tools / equipment


* D3 graduated majoring in Mechanical Engineering / Electronics / Electrical (Power Lines) / Civil / Mechatronic
* Min GPA 2.75
* Max age 25 years
* Mastering CAD software with a good
* Orientation to quality
* Understand the work function of the machine / jigs / tools / infrastructure
* Know the type of component and material
* Understanding the manufacturing process
* Have a good team work

Job description:

* Responsible for contributing to the activities in the Commercial Invoice and Invoice Police and ensure the whole process can be run properly in accordance with the target company to provide better service to the Main Dealer


* S1 graduated majoring in Accounting
* Min GPA 2.75
* Max age 27 years
* Have an adequate analysis of thinking
* Having a good knowledge of finance with
* Ability to work in high demand
* Able to work independently or team
* Detail & Have a high motivation to work

Job description:

* Department Head is responsible for helping to set up early in the e-filing system
* Preparation of the document flow
* Preparation of Coding System
* Able to coordinate with the exkternal (consultant) and internal (System Integration, IT, Internal Department)


* S1 has passed the Information Systems / Computer Accounting
* Min GPA 2.75
* Max age 27 years
* Understand the concept of information technology
* Having a basic knowledge of management information system
* Have a good sense of business
* Have the ability to better analyze business processes
* Having the ability to work in terms of detail

Job description:

* Responsible for and coordinate the payment process in accordance with existing procedures
* Responsible for the accuracy of AP in SAP journal
* Responsibly and to follow up on existing problems
* Responsible for the overall acceptance of the bill claim
* Responsible for the entire process until the payment of the claim verification process CDE
* Responsible for the delivery of payment information
* Perform data entry of each new type of motor, the price of a claim in connection CDE CDE
* AP coordinate for resolving internal and external
* Responsible for coordinating all activities of the Section AP


* S1 graduated majoring in Accounting
* Min GPA 2.75
* Max age 27 years
* Has a good analysis in terms of finance
* Interested in working in the area of ​​Treasury
* Thorough and interest in the job detail
* Able to work independently and team work

Job description:

* Responsible for making macro-economic analysis and foreign exchange movements
* Create reports and analysis of G / L for Forex transactions
* Make the corresponding analysis of Financing
* Do the processing and analysis related to insurance


* S1 graduated in Economics (Economics & Development Studies) / Financial Management / Accounting
* Min GPA 2.75
* Max age 27 years
* Finance with a good master
* Have a high analysis and understanding of macroeconomic analysis
* Have high integrity, honest and conscientious
* Have good English language skills
* Ability to work independently or team

Job description:

* Responsible for collecting, comparing and analyzing macro data such as inflation, interest rates and commodity prices periodically
* Preparing and updating the data base macro / micro economic
* Analyzing and selecting the financial models that can be applied to support a better reporting system


* 've Graduated S1 majoring in Development Economics / Accounting / Financial Management / Industrial Engineering
* Min GPA 2.75
* Max age 27 years
* Understand and be able to analyze the economic conditions of macro / micro
* Able to prepare financial statements in English
* Understanding financial statements
* Sociable and good interpersonal
* Understand the application windows

Job description:

* Responsible for coordinating routine associated with the Quality in AHM on technical information that is sent by the network at the Main Dealer, Dealer & AHASS
* Ensure all data quality report in the TOP 20 unanalyzed well, and then followed up the meeting with the quality-related quality
* To monitor the effectiveness of the improvements made by the relevant Quality in AHM, and provide immediate feedback if found repeated cases that occurred after repairs


* S1 has passed the Mechanical Engineering Department
* Min GPA 2.75
* Max age 27 years
* Have a pretty good analysis
* Mastering the English language well

Job description:

* Coordinating direct subordinates (inspectors) in order to carry out activities in sexy KPI targets can be achieved according to the efficient and effective
* Analyze the work done on her sexy and provide input for improvements to his superiors
* Subordinates resolve complaints in accordance with procedures applicable
* Active role in the AGC, AFC, AHIC & ISO


* Have passed S1 Management / Industrial Engineering / Mechanical Engineering
* Min GPA 2.75
* Max age 27 years
* Have strong leadership skills
* Have good human relations
* Responsible, honest and conscientious
* High integrity
* Have insight into the warehousing or the packaging process
* Regular use of MS Office software

Job description:

* Plan, coordinate and monitor the review for the purpose of horizontal and vertical alignment on the Marketing Directorate and monitoring follow-up set for the achievement of target
* Analyze and integrate data-related data as a basis for decision making in both the Division and within good Dircetorate Marketing from Marketing Director and Marketing Division Head in the Directorate.
* Create, analyze, report and document the review results in horizontal and vertical at Directorate level and one-year Activity Plan and Policy at the level of Directorate, Division and Department.
* Analyze and process the strategy and the achievement of predetermined target level Marketing Directorate in order to get recommendations that can be taken into consideration in decisions on the next level.


* S1 has passed the Marketing, Management, Industrial Engineering
* GPA Min. 2.75
* Max age 27 years
* Have the analytical skills and a good conceptual Marketing
* Dynamic, can work individually or personally
* Ability to work in multi tasking

Job description:

* Responsible for the cost analyst
* Control supplier development project
* Maintain price suppliers
* Multisourcing & localization
* Maintain performance of suppliers (QCDDM)

- Graduated D3 Mechanical Engineering
- GPA min 2.75
- Age Max 25 years
- Have the ability to read engineering drawings
- Understand and understand the basic process of manufacturing
- Able to communicate with the basic ability to have a good team work
- Have the ability to cost a good analyst
- Capable of developing your new part (project) to the mass pro (maintain)

Job description:

* Diapproved ensure that no problematic part upon the quality of masspro
* Determine the measurement and testing systems, meeting the needs Masspro Unit Assy & production support activities
* Determine the inspection system & unit complete the required quality standards


* S1 graduate of Mechanical Engineering
* Max age 27 years
* Min GPA 2.75
* Able to read engineering drawings with good, common international standards
* Know the various methods of testing, measurement & inspection
* Capable of analyzing a process, concluded the cause of the problem and the proposed improvements
* SPC understands well and can apply
* Have a strong motivation to do improv to improve the quality of parts
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