Lowongan Kerja Petrosea

PETROSEA is a leading engineering, construction and mining company with a track record of achievement in Indonesia for more than 36 years. Petrosea has been involved in the development of Indonesia s considerable oil & gas, mining and infrastructure industries. Petrosea is also operating in Southeast Asia Region with some challenging projects.


Monitor, control and supervise mining staff and resources in order to produce systems and procedures that effectively support the mining operations in achieving performance within budget.

1. Min. Bachelor Degree in Mining Engineering
2. Min. 4 years experiences as a Mining Engineer in open-cut mining
3. Fluent in English, written and verbal
4. Willing to be placed in all companys locations or Jakarta
5. May be required to work flexible hours to meet project requirements

1) Prepare, analyze and adjust data of production, record details of the days work on a daily report pad in order to establish project performance report.
2) Identify engineering problems, propose solutions and expedite client agreement where necessary to ensure minimal disruption to the progress of the works.
3) Review client specifications, drawings and documents to ensure the requirements defined are incorporated in the works and the responsibilities allocated under the project quality system and understood and implemented.
4) Complete daily timesheets, including activity descriptions and cost codes, for each person and, where required, plant item under his responsibility.
5) Prepare data of real/ technical cost, liaise with surveyor in calculate mining reserve from drilling for project analysis purpose.
6)Coordinate requisition for small tools and consumable materials as required in order to provide site operations support.
7) Identify hazards and risks during the planning phase of the work packages in order to minimize exposure to personnel and the environment.


Responsible in the project management forecast process to ensure that all project management activites are well manage, conform with budget and companys regulations and procedures.

1. Min bachelor degree in any diciplines, preferably in Mining Engineering.
2. Min 4 (four) year experience as cost controler, scheduller, project control.
3. Fluent with project control programs such as PRISM, WBS, etc.
4. Possess a strong leadership skill.
5. Possess a good analytical thinking.

1) Assist Project Control Apt in development of Project Budgets, Schedule and Estimates to ensure all project activities are well delivered, on schedule and conform with companys procedures.
2) Plan and forecst for Project Budgets, Schedule and Estimates.
3) Monitor and analyse project schedule progress and performance in order to identifies developing problem areas.
4) Develop and maintain of any periodic (daily, weekly, monthly) status reports in order to keep management and/or owner informed on the project progress.
5) Maintain and implementing HSE programs including Environmental Management System to ensure the effectiveness of the programs conform to official standard and requirements.


Control and monitor the Pre Contract program activities in Mining Section, to ensure that the Project Services function is able to provide fully support to the companys strategy and deliver the annual targets.

1. Min. Bachelor Degree from Mining.
2. Min 5 years exp in related area, out of which 3 years as supervisory level.
3. Has strong exposure in pre contract activity especially in Mining area.
4. Fluent in English written and verbal.
5. Good communication and initiative.
6. Willing to learn and innovative.
7. Willing to work extend office hours.

1) Prepare pre bid documents and draft Opportunity Knocks and Prospect Assessments to all new prospects under Mining in accordance with Petroseas BD procedure. Support other business lines to comply with the process. General Client company background research to identify Clients level. General Market Business intelligence to identify Competitors SWOT
2) Manage and prepare any required documents for Expression of Interest and Pre-Qualification process for new opportunities. Liaise with all other functions and/or business lines in gathering any supporting data and information to fulfill Clients requirements. Prepare a decline letter for prospects that are not of Petroseas interest under Managers approval.
3) Responsible in identification and development of Project opportunities. Including develop draft budgetary proposal, meeting with Clients, meeting with Vendors, Subcontractor research and investigation, etc. as required.
4) Liaise and bridging information related to Projects and/or Prospects development between Mining and other functions and business units with selected level of information released.
5) Review, analyze and evaluate commercial and technical bid for all Subcontractor / Vender proposal as well as review the terms and conditions in Subcontractor / Vender RFQ packages to ensure all commercial and technical bid evaluations are completed and comply with the head contract.
6) Develop, maintain, monitor and review all business line tender prior to management review from the preparation process including managing BD Managers nominated by the Project Services Manager, estimating workload across all diciplines and continuous development of Petrosea Electronic Tendering System to ensure Tender preparation process are well managed in accordance with company procedures and client requirements.
7) Monitor, mantain and review business line estimates process to ensure that all estimates are built up methodically and in sufficient detail in line with good estimating practice (sufficient explanatory notes are to be included referring the location of supplementary information).
8) Review and analyze material prices from current quotations and liase with lead estimator in preparing indirect cost estimate in order to attain current cost estimated basis and indirect cost estimate.
9) Establish, maintain and enhance companys estimating procedures to ensure compliancy with current situations.


Responsible in creating module for all heavy equipment training, training presentation, making standard assessment and guideline to be implemented in all site areas of Mine Training Operation.

1. A minimum of 2 years experience in mining industry
2. Min. Bachelor Degree in Mining Engineering
3. Knowledge of best practice in Project Management
4. Willing to be placed in all companys site locations
5. Good command in English written and verbal
6. Familiar with Mining software
7. Familiar with mining software:Minescape, Xpac, Surpac, Talpac

1. Evaluate and analyse project performance data related to productivity, cost & safety utilising companys standard systems in order to ensure data reliability.
2. Contribute to the development of the short term detailed mine execution plans to integrate with the mining operations (utilising Surpac mine planning software).
3. Monitor and coordinate engineering activities to ensure efficient production of engineering plans to meet contract program requirements.
4. Analyse and identify engineering problems in order to propose solutions and expedite actions regarding the client agreement where necessary.
5. Review client plans and requests to ensure the requirements defined are incorporated in the works and the responsibilities allocated under the project quality system and understood and implemented.
6. Prepare data for the progress claim report to be reviewed by the Engineering Superintendent.
7. Collect data related to subcontractor performance in order to prepare summary reports required for the project.
8. Support and cooperate with site survey team in order to analyse progress surveys and haul profile surveys.
9. Coaching and mentoring of graduate mining engineers, mining engineers and technical assistants in order to provide technical support.
10.Identify hazards and risks during the planning phase of the work packages in order to minimise exposure to personnel and the environment.


Plan, direct and control the Engineering function to produce a cost effective engineered solution (including the development of appropriate Specifications) for the Project within the budgeted man hours and within the tendered timeframe by utilizing capable and appropriate resources efficiently to ensure that Procurement/Construction activities commence on time.

• Work extended hours to meet Engineering deadlines
• Required to travel to site
• Ensure all designs produced are cost effective and within the budget constraints of the Project
• Develop a close relationship with the Procurement Manager
• Comprehensive knowledge of engineering and procurement management principles and practices. Must possess an in depth knowledge of the Engineering and Design process as well as extensive experience in construction methods
• Min. Bachelor degree preferably in Engineering
• Maximize Project margins by ensuring appropriate Technical Specifications and Codes are adopted to suit the requirements of the contract
• Min. 15 years previous experiences in Engineering with 5 yrs as a Manager
• Demonstrated effective verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills

1. Be fully conversant with the contents of the Project Safety Management Plans (including Environment) and the Company policies on safety. Ensure that Safety topics are discussed with all Vendors/Subcontractors/Consultants prior to the commencement of any engineering/design activities and be vigilant in enforcing the agreed standards.
2. Develop an Engineering/Design Management Plan for the Project that includes the strategy to deliver the work in accordance with the schedule parameters set by the Project Manager. This plan must be maintained and remain relevant to the function during the course of the Project.
3. Develop a detailed Engineering schedule to meet the requirements of the Project. Be fully accountable for this schedule and react to any negative movements to ensure the schedule is met.
4. Resource the Engineering department to ensure that the schedule can be delivered by all disciplines. Develop a back-up strategy to be able to react to the situation where the scope grows or delays begin. Understand the availability of resources or consultants to be able to react promptly to all situations.
5. Ensure that all members of the Engineering Team fully understand the requirement of the Project and are familiar with the Design Management Plan and are conversant with the commercial constraints of the Project Budget.
6. Interface with the Procurement function to ensure that all Technical Bid Evaluations are completed on time so that the procurement process is not delayed as a result of Engineering in decisiveness. Meet on a regular basis (more than once per week) with the Procurement Manager and plan the resource allocations to ensure schedules are met..
7. Establish and maintain effective work relationships with all members of the Project team and offer support to all persons that request support. Pass knowledge onto your team and others in the Project so that the capability of the developed team grows throughout the life of the Project.
8. Establish a comprehensive database of all Standards, Codes, and Specifications and ensure that all members of the Engineering Team are familiar with their location and the appropriate use of the information. Keep all reference material updated and current.
9. Prepare weekly and monthly reports on the progress of the engineering phase of the Project. Identify areas of concern and the strategy to mitigate the known issues.
10. Establish and maintain a detailed risk register for the engineering function and liaise with the Project Controls and Project Managers to discuss the identified risks on a regular basis.
11. Establish a rigid Document Control system to ensure that all members of the Engineering team follow the approved procedures. Provide training in the use of the system and ensure that all Vendors/Fabricators submit their documents direct to the leader of the Doc Con function.
12. Ensure that inter-disciplinary reviews are conducted for all aspects of the Project. Monitor the IDR process to ensure that the turn-around time for documents is known and the duration is being minimized.
13. Establish an efficient Technical Query system to control all TQs between all partners in the Project. Ensure that all subcontract Vendors/Fabricators adopt the system and it is fully utilized. Manage the TQ system and report weekly the status of all TQs. Continually strive to reduce the TQ response time.
14. Performs administrative supervisory tasks including evaluating employee performance, source necessary skills and resources based on manpower forecasts to provide managerial supports in administrative matters.
15. Establish a Management of Change procedure and educate the Project Team (all departments) about its appropriate use. Ensure the system is adopted with the use of all subcontractors to ensure that all changes are effectively managed.
16. Provide a support service to the Construction phase by assigning persons to the site team and ensuring that the response time to fieldd TQs is minimized.
17. Maintain and implementing HSE programs including Environmental Management System to ensure the effectiveness of the programs conform to official standard and requirements

(Placement: Site)

Maintain, monitor and review companys daily operations and facilities to ensure employee safety are comply with safety, health and environmental regulations for specified facilities, operations and project.

1. Willing to travel to all companys sites
2. Willing to work extended hours to meet the objectives.
3. Min. Senior/Technical High School or Diploma Degree in public occupational health & Safety/environment engineer or Engineering Graduate/Bachelor.
4. Minimal 3 years have experienced in HSE Field implementation at high risk industry (For Diploma III in HSE or technical).
5. Will be prefered if understand of lifting equipment, marine activity and or material handling activity.
6. Hold AK3 certified from government
7. Communicative and inovative.
8. Able to conduct presentation.

1) Prepare and present safety training and safety induction to enhance safety awareness among employees and clients.
2) Conduct inspections on statutory, fire and rescue equipment to ensure completeness and readiness for use.
3) Inspects project facilities, equipments, observe operations and activities in progress to ensure those are in compliance companys safety regulations.
4) Coordinates and consults with project safety superintendent and/or project managers regarding HSE issues in their respective areas and notifies management staff regarding violation of safety regulations and codes to ensure that all safety defiance are proceed.
5) Support and assist safety audits, inspections and accident/incident investigations by observing employee activities and workplace conditions for submitting recommendations to management to correct deficiencies, eliminate hazards, and improve the overall program.
6) Socialise and record all Job Hazard Analysis, HAZOB, and co-ordinate Emergency Response Team training and activities for the Project.
7) Assist the Project Superintendent & Supervisors in conducting and reporting of all Hazards. Control and monitor the use of Hazardous or dangerous goods to ensure conformance with the MSDS (Material Safety Data System).
8) Monitor, review and participate in Pre-start meetings and Tool Box Meeting to update with current safety information.
9) Support Environmental performance and maintain third party accreditation (ie. ISO 14001) and work effectively with certification body in order to preserve international standard accreditation.
10) Performing a strong visible commitment in to HSE Management System as well as all programs.
11) Implement and maintain HSE Management Plan, Emergency Response Plan, and other HSE document for the project.
12) Prepare and implement of Site Safety Activities.


To provide comprehensive analysis of different equipment types and brands to suit our Mine Site applications. To work closely with the Asset Group to advise on equipment rental to support the Mining Business line.

1. Min Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering.
2. Qualifications in Engineering or a closely related discipline is an essential requirement for the position and a working knowledge in mine equipment scheduling and/or mine equipment application will be highly regarded
3. Min 3 years exposure to a similar role in an established mining industry,formally recognised knowledge of a continuous improvement methodology is an expectation of the role, as will your skills in effective Equipment analysis together with ability to manage / advise on rental equipment fleet allocation.

1) Prepare and submit Mining equipment analysis reports as necessary.
2) Conducts studies to develop data required for optimal planning mining equipment, and prepares plans and schedules for acquisition and installation of equipment to meet long term and current operation requirements.
3) Conducts studies to accumulate information on current services, equipment capacities, current traffic data and estimated acquisition and installation costs.
4) Prepares modifications on implementation schedules for installation of equipment due to unforeseen increase or decrease of demands for services.
5) Work on continuous improvement in matters of mining equipment technology implementation.
6) Work with Asset to get the correct rental equipment as required for mining business line.
7) Minimise exposure to personnel and the environment by identifying hazards and risks during the operation phase of the work packages and implement all safety procedures, rules and regulations and statutory regulations in accordance with the Safety Management Plan.


Assist Project Manager to plan, direct and control a project from the date of award to the issue of a practical completion certificate and ideally be involved until end of the maintenance period to ensure a project is running well, completed SAFELY, on time and to budget in accordance with all the company standard procedures.

1. Min. Bachelor degree in mining
2. Min. 10 years previous experiences in mining operation (production), minimum 5 years in managerial position
3. Fluent in English, written and verbal
4. Familiar with mining software
5. Good communication and leadership skill
6. Willing to be placed in all company location
7. Excellent computer skill

1) Assume responsibilities and authorities of the Project Manager in his absence.
2) Assist Project Manager in maintain and implementing HSE programs including Environmental Management System to ensure the effectiveness of the programs conform to official standard and requirements.
3) Assist Project Manager in Plan and control the flow of work for a construction project, including supplies and personnel required for completing the project to ensure that projects are being carried out according to established plan.
4) Assist Project Manager in Direct, control and execute the Project by conducting a kick off meeting with the Project Team, assign duties and responsibilities as detailed in the functional matrix in order to ensure project initial are well manage.
5) Assist Project Manager in Direct, review and analyse client specifications and documents to ensure the requirements defined are incorporated into the works and the responsibilities allocated under the project quality system are understood and implemented.
6) Assist Project Manager in Prepare, control and implement project budgets, construction schedules, project reporting, progress assessment and project execution plan, take personal responsibility and accountability for cash flow, receivables and return on capital of the project to ensure budget are meet with project needs and requirements.
7) Assist Project Manager in Interface and coordinate subcontract activities to ensure that they will support the achievement of project aims and the support of project construction objectives.
8) Assist Project Manager in Direct, monitor and utilize rental equipment efficiently.
9) Assist Project Manager in Direct, submit and negotiate claims to settlement as required to ensure that progress claims are submitted and paid in a timely manner.
10) Assist Project Manager in Direct, control and manage all statutory permits and approvals as required to proceed with the contract to ensure all permits and formalities are complete and valid
11) Audit the project engineering departments to ensure quality systems, procedures and resources are effectively implemented.
12) Assist Project Manager in Plan, analyze and establish detailed cost forecasts, manage variations in order to close out in a timely manner.
13) Manage failure analysis to plant. By continuous Monitoring of trends and report pending equipment failure for correct planning into backlog, taking immediate action if equipment is unsafe to operate or high potential of major failure occurring.
14) Assist Project Manager in Establish to maintain and manage all stakeholders interests to ensure harmonious and cooperative relationships in industrial relations and community relations in all aspects of the project.

Contract Engineer

Prepare, review and monitor the implementation of contracts scope of work and technical specifications, preparing tender documents with suitable conditions in order to ensure that company policies and procedures are followed in term of minimise any exposure to risk for company.

1. Requires travel to Project Locations as required
2. Requires travel to Project Locations as required
3. Vendor/suppliers/subcontractor meetings and visits
4. Interface with commercial/legal service providers
5. Audits investigations
6. Risk and exposure due diligence
7. Min. Bachelor Degree from Engineering
8. Min. 3 years experiences in contract

1) Support and assist Commercial Manager in reviewing all contracts / agreements giving input regarding the contract composition and any qualifications required in order to align terms and conditions to companys Contracting Principles.
2) Assist Commercial Manager in developing appropriate contractual strategies in order to maximise contract position.
3) Resolve contractual issues with the Client / Vendors, including drafting formal letters and attending negotiations of a contractual nature in order to provide logistical support to Project Managers.
4) Prepare and administer documentation of variations and claims to their scope of work and, including a running log of all contractual correspondence to settlement in order to provide contract administration support.
5) Analyze and negotiate contract in order to get through to contract settlement.
6) Monitor contract implementation to ensure that both, client and company follow the contractual requirements of the contract to ensure that company is not exposed to unnecessary costs or penalties.


Provide assistance on equipment planning based on comparison of actual needs on the field and fleet rotation and distribution to all project sites update equipment arrival status and provide calculation on potential lost and coordinate with related department in equipment selection and purchasing, based on calculation of the equipment needs.

1. Min bachelor degree in Engineering.
2. Min 3 (three) years experience in Equipment Planning in Mining Industry.
3. Excellent computer skill, especially in using spread sheet software.
4. Good Communication skill.
5. Good Analytical Thinking.

1) Assist Mine Project Control Manager in the development of project budgets, forecasts and estimates to ensure all project activities are well delivered, on schedule and conform with the companys procedures.
2) Calculate equipment planning based on comparison of actual needs on the field, which impact on production configuration, and potential loss of unfulfilled needs.
3) Manage equipment planning or fleet rotation and distribution to all Petrosea project sites.
4) Assist Mine Project Control Manager on updating equipment arrival status and calculating potential lost from Procurement to Mining Prepare second plan or strategy due to delayed or postponed equipment arrival status.
5) Coordinate with Procurement and Asset in equipment selection and purchasing, based on calculation of the equipment needs.
6) Coordinate with Asset on control and updating equipment delivery schedule and prepare for meeting and report periodically (weekly, monthly).
7) Maintain and implementing HSE programs including Environmental Management System to ensure the effectiveness of the programs conform to official standard and requirements

We offer our staff a challenging and innovative work environment. An attractive salary package will be negotiated to ensure a high caliber appointment.

To apply for this position, please send your application together with a detailed resume including recent color photograph, and quoting in email to recruitment.jkt@petrosea.com in Microsoft Word or PDF format with a file size not more than 350kb. --- Update : Sunday, July 22, 2012