Lowongan Kerja Kenari Djaja Prima April 2013

Lowongan Kerja Kenari Djaja Prima ,the leading source of high quality modern building material like Door Locks and window locks, as well as Italian hand-made handles, sound movable partition, frameless glass movable partition. All our products come exclusively with a limited warranty card. One of the reasons why KENARI DJAJA is trusted by the customers and partners, is the commitment to provide quality services and quality products.

It all began from the opening of a small kiosk in one of the corners of Pasar Kenari, Salemba, Jakarta on 27 February 1965. The Kiosk was then called KENARI DJAJA, a name taken from the location where the kiosk was established, taking into account so that the kiosk will be easily remembered by its customers.

This small kiosk started off by selling construction materials such as sand, bricks, and other building materials. The situation started to turn when a salesperson from an import trader offered KENARI DJAJA to sell their imported locks. Initially this offer was refused due to the high price tag on the goods. However, this offer was then accepted later on after the import firm suggested a consigment system for their goods.

Kenari Djaja Prima membutuhkan segera :

  1. Purchasing Manager (Kode : PM)
  2. Canvas Manager (Kode : CM)
  3. Internal Audit (Kode : AUD)
  4. Koordinator Sales (Kode : KS)
  5. Marketing Executive (Kode : ME)
Persyaratan :
  • Pria / Wanita, usia maks. 40 tahun, Bahasa Inggris, Menguasai Sisdur Purchasing / Logistik, Pengalaman min. 3 tahun (1)
  • Pria, usia maks. 35 tahun, pengalaman min. 3 tahun, leadership, kemampuan presentasi, berorientasi pada target (2-4)
  • Wanita, usia maks. 35 tahun, berpenampilan menarik, komunikatif (5)
  • Bersedia tugas luar kota (2,3)
  • Kendaraan sendiri (SIM A/C) (1,2,4)
Surat lamaran, CV dan pas foto 4x6 selambatnya diterima 23 April 2013. Cantumkan kode posisi dan no. telp / HP pada sudut kiri atas amplop dan kirimkan ke :

PT. Kenari Djaja Prima
Email : recruitment@kenaridjaja.co.id
Jl. Pinangsia Raya 16 B-C, Jakarta 11110
Attn : HRD Manager