Lowongan Kerja Supraco Indonesia

PT. Supraco Indonesia was founded in 1979 with the name of PT. Summa Prakarsa Corporation aiming, initially, to provide local service to many foreign oil and gas companies in Indonesia at that time. One of the business activity being managed was expatriate management service.

As the market and need widened, PT. Supraco Indonesia had expanded its business activities to other areas in oil and gas service sectors. Services being provided today can be summarized into these following line of business : Integrated Logistic Base Management, Offshore Crane Supply and Maintenance, Offshore Drilling, Car and Heavy Equipment Rental Service, Maintenance of Production Service Facilities, Manpower and Expatriate Management Services, and many others mainly in operation support areas

Today, PT. Supraco Indonesia has an established reputation as one of the prominent player in Indonesian oil and gas industry serving companies like Caltex Pacific Indonesia, BP Indonesia, Total, Unocal, CNOOC, ConocoPhillips, Amerada Hess and many others.

We are seeking for best candidates to fill the vacant position for our project at CEPU BLOCK.


Responsibility and duties:
• Oversee inspection of steel structural pre-fabrication and installation activities conducted at contractors / sub-contractors facilities and at site
• Assist in structural material receiving inspections at site and review original material certificates for compliance to codes and specifications where required
• Ensure traceability is maintained for the fabricated part as stated in the project specifications
• Monitor and ensure the inspections are carried out to the required levels as mentioned in the ITPs
• Witness the dimensional control inspections on the pre-fabricated and as well on the installed parts
• Co-ordinate with other disciplines for interface activities, for example civil foundation interface with structural
• Monitor the structural welding activities inclusive of fit up / dimensional control inspections
• Monitor the contractor uses only qualified welders and follows the approved welding procedures
• Witness NDT / review NDT reports as required
• Final inspection, generate punch lists and follow up of the same for close out
• Verify Contractor, Subcontractor Quality management systems, plans, procedures, and processes are in place. Implement Cepu project Construction Surveillance Program.
• Inspect / assist in monitoring structural painting activities
• Witness bolt torque tightening of structural components
• Monitor quality, issue non-conformance reports when quality deficiencies are noted and set in motion the corrective actions jointly with contractor. Maintain the NCR data base for structural portion.
• Prepare weekly or monthly quality reports to be submitted to Site verification lead.

Required knowledge, qualifications, skills, and experiences:
• S 1 or equivalent with minimum 10 years of experience out of which at least 5 years working in an oil and gas on shore plant construction project as senior structural inspector. Qualifications in welding inspection preferred.
• Familiar with international standards like ASCI, AWS D1.1 etc. and industrial practices on structural fabrication and installation inspection works.
• Knowledgeable on welding, NDT and painting activities and associated inspection.
• Familiar with structural dimensional checking using conventional and digital survey instruments.
• Able to understand and interpret Civil survey reports for co-ordinates / leveling / orientation.
• Understand torque tightening methods and inspection.
• Good interpersonal communication skills with fluency in Bahasa Indonesia and English.
• Computer literate familiar with MS Office suite for preparing official reports.


Responsibility and duties:
• Provide stewardship for Functional Support and monthly reporting.
• Review and monitor the Contractor’s performance in the areas of cost estimating, scheduling and project control and provide input as necessary to make certain the Companys objectives are achieved.
• Provide timely review of cost and schedule impact of changes, modifications or alternatives by keeping abreast of engineering, procurement and construction activities and maintain project trend and change order logs.
• Prepare all required cost and schedule reports and provide project cost input into the Project Monthly Report.
• Prepare cost forecasts to ensure budget requirements are within project expectations and keep management aware of potential budget problems as early as possible
• Review the contractors procedures for estimating, scheduling and project controls and modify as necessary to meet the Company’s needs.
• Assist in the preparation and review of EPC projects cost estimates and schedules and reconciliations utilizing the Contractor’s systems and personnel as required.
• Assist in the preparation of commercial terms and other documentations for the EPC bid packages.

Required knowledge, qualifications, skills, and experiences:
• Bachelor of Science in Engineering or Accounting.
• Good written and verbal communications skills.
• Good technical/business team skills, ability to work with others.
• Minimum of ten (10) years of broad experience in the areas of cost estimating, scheduling and project control and have at least five (5) years specific involvement in projects for major process facilities.
• Experience with Contractors and worldwide suppliers, in particular those involved in the construction of major onshore facilities.
• Experience with project control software programs such as Excel, Word, etc.


Responsibility and duties:
• Oversee and monitor inspection of E&I activities conducted at Contractors / Sub Contractors facilities and in the field
• Participate in receiving inspection of E&I items at site and monitor the preservation program for the same until hand over
• Review or assist in reviewing E&I QC documents such as QA plans and pre-commissioning procedures
• Jointly develop E&I inspection check lists or review the check lists generated by the Contractor for compliance to project requirements
• Witness instrument calibration at contractor facilities and / or in the field for permanent project materials and temporary test instruments / equipments used in E&I construction works
• Co-ordinate with Contractor and construction on cable tray routing and installation inspection
• Ensure cable pulling and termination using proper crimping tools are done as per approved cable schedules and project specifications. Check cable ID markers for traceability.
• Witness installation inspection of E&I control panels (both local and inside the control rooms)
• Monitor and witness continuity and meggering inspection works for cables
• Monitor cable laying works in trenches, through ducts and on cable trays
• Witness loop checks and review records for the same
• Inspect installation and testing of instrument tubing works
• Review Contractors field inspection and test reports and ensure that inspections are carried out as per approved ITP requirements
• Assist and co-ordinate with other disciplines on electrical motors installation and alignments
• Interface, participate or co-ordinate in E&I pre-commissioning activities as required
• Preparation of punch lists
• Verify Contractor / Subcontractor Quality management systems, plans, procedures, and processes are in place. Implement Cepu project Construction Surveillance Program.
• Periodically audit the Contractor’s inspection data base for correctness and updating.

Required knowledge, qualifications, skills, and experiences:
• Minimum ten (10) years experience in inspection of E&I works on major onshore construction projects out of which at least 3 years experience as senior QC E&I inspector
• Experienced in winessing SAT (Site Acceptance Tests) and FAT (Factory Acceptance Tests) of Electrical & Instrument control systems
• Exposure to DCS instrumentation works and commissioning of the same
• Experienced in conducting field QA audits on E&I works
• Thorough knowledge on International standards on E&I like IEC etc.
• Knowledge on applicable Indonesian MIGAS regulations for E&I works is preferred
• Well versed in safe work practices
• Demonstrated ability to communicate in multiple languages
• Computer literate with experience in using MS Office suite for preparing reports and maintaining data base


Responsibility and duties:
• Site infrastructure/logistics in host country:
1. Receiving, warehousing and issuance of material
2. Sequencing of Spare Parts – Commissioning and 2 year Operating
3. Work jointly with Construction to oversee materials requirements at site
• Materials management:
1. Administration and supervision of the Contractor’s Materials Management Plan and Warehousing Plan
2. Manage distribution of the materials and equipment as required
3. Project material and equipment delivery at site - interface with the Jakarta home office team
4. Apply project specifications for equipment and material preservation, packing and handling
5. Oversee Contractors material tracking “in transit” through receipt at job site
6. Confirm custom clearance dates and inland transportation plan dates
7. Monitor Contractors Long Lead Equipment and Spare Parts Transportation Plan
8. Interface with the Construction team at site on all materials / equipment issues

Required knowledge, qualifications, skills, and experiences:
• 5 years of Materials Management (at site) and Logistics experience with a project of similar size and scale
• Intermediate to Expert Equipment and Materials Logistics Skills including Contracts, Customs, Traffic, and Expediting
• Strong analytical, leadership, negotiation and communication skills
• Hands on experience with computerized materials management and tracking system
• College / University Education or equivalent
• Must be a self-starter and able to work in a virtual organization
• Good interpersonal and communication skills in English and Bahasa Indonesia. The ability to speak Javanese is an additionally desirable attribute.
• Ability to oversee and monitor EPC Contractor logistics activities including track/monitor key equipment and material movements


Responsibility and duties:
• Oversee inspection of piping and welding activities conducted at contractors and sub-contractors facilities.
• Coordinate with other structural and piping inspectors
• Review original material certificates for compliance to codes and specifications
• Ensure testing, measuring, welding, and NDE equipment is fully calibrated and has current certification
• Ensure storage and use of welding consumables is per manufacture’s recommendations and full certification
• Review Contractors field inspection and test reports
• Verify fabrication fit-up, alignment, and dimensional tolerances
• Review welder qualifications certifications, and attend welder qualification
• Verify Contractor, Subcontractor Quality management systems, plans, procedures, and processes are in place.
• Implement Cepu project Construction Surveillance Program

Required knowledge, qualifications, skills, and experiences:
• Working Knowledge of:
- Piping and pressure vessel codes and quality standards (E.g. AWS D1.1, CSA B51, ASME Section III, ASME B31.3, and ISO 9001)
- Piping fabrication methods
- Welding processes and NDE techniques including evaluation methods
- Piping, Isometrics and shop Drawings
• Thorough understanding of applicable Cepu project specifications
• Trained to authorize work permits (e.g. hot work, confined space, etc.)
• Good oral and written English language skills
• Well versed in safe work practices
• Demonstrated ability to communicate in multiple languages
• Minimum fifteen (15) years experience in inspection of piping systems on major onshore construction projects.


Responsibility and duties:
• Gain alignment with the PMT on project contract administration needs, objectives and requirement
- Develop a Contract Administration Plan.
- Lead internal kick-off meeting with Company personnel to review: contract terms and conditions, the change order process, and claims avoidance.
- Coordinate external kick-off meeting with company and contractor personnel to review the coordination procedures, contract deliverables, change order process and business practices.
• Ensure Contractors contract administration and subcontracting procedures and processes meet contract requirements
- Review/ comment on procurement procedures/ processes deliverables to assure compliances with companys requirement, and
- Review Contractors compliance with Companys prevention of information brokering and compliance with business standard guidelines.
• Develop and execute administrative processes that advance the projects procedures, goals and objectives,
- Monitor the approval process and verify compliance with invoicing and payment process.
- Coordinate the Change Control Process, including : Amendments, Change Orders and other changes,
- Timely and carefully monitoring of compliances with Liquidated Damages contract terms.
- Coordinate the resolution of Contractor claims.
- Coordinate the issue of any notice or suspension, cancellation, and/ or termination in line with contract terms.
- Coordinate the preparation and issue of Milestone Completion Notice, Turnover Notices and the Acceptance Notice in accordance with the contract and approval process/ procedures,
- Development and administration of any Performance Incentive Plan.
• Communicate with PMT on project contract administration & sub contracting activities, progress and issues,
- Maintain close liaison with appropriate members of PMT (Engineering, Subcontracting, Construction QA, SHE) during execution.
- Act as PMT liaison with EMGSC procurement.
- Advice PMT of contract administration and subcontracting issues and steps being taken to mitigate consequences.
- Participate in PMTs weekly/ monthly meeting with Contractor
- Capture and communicate contract administration and subcontracting lessons learned for the project.
• Maintain communication with UPP Contracts Administration manager and contribute to functional excellence
- Stay abreast of update to the Sourcing Handbook, major Capital Projects Supplement to the Sourcing Handbook, Procurement DOAG and other EMGSC procurement specific requirements.
- Participate in functional sponsored/ required training, matrix meeting, and other Procurement events.
- Coordinate Contract Administration Activities Reviews with and submit CA activity reports to UPP Contracts Administration Manager.
- Mentor junior Contract Administrators, as required.
• Manage the Contract Close-Out Activity
- Establish a close out agreement with Contractor (settlement of any outstanding items),
- Verify and agree on final invoice, including release of retention, if any,
- List and agree on contract’s surviving claims,
- Resolve all contracting-related claims,
- Ensure orderly turnover of project (with regards to contracting) to the operating organization.

Required knowledge, qualifications, skills, and experiences:
• 5 years of Procurement experiences.
• Intermediate to Expert Contracting Skills
• Experience in Construction, Maintenance, Drilling or Production Service Contracting
• Strong analytical, negotiation and communication skills
• BA/BS preferred
• Upstream experience would be very beneficial but not required


Responsibility and duties:
• Promote safety awareness and safe performance among project team members, including consultants and contractor personnel.
• Conduct regular safety inspections/assessments on-site and at key off-site subcontractor locations in accordance with established project and site safety plans or as requested by site team members.
• Identify and work to eliminate hazards, unsafe conditions, and unsafe acts; work with company, contractor, and subcontractor management toward achieving an injury-free work place.
• Keep site management apprised of significant safety issues, safety alerts and plans/progress towards resolving issues and eliminating hazards.
• Advise site team of safety initiatives, issues, challenges, and incident investigations/follow-up.
• Communicate safety initiatives, achievements, experiences, and issues from other sites and projects with site team members and contractor/subcontractor safety advisors/management
• Participate in investigation and follow-up of incidents/accidents; prepare notifications/reports for communication of significant incidents to company project/functional management per project incident reporting procedures and matrix.
• Coach and advise contractor/subcontractor safety professionals/management in incident investigation documentation, reporting, and follow-up, including root cause analysis and case management.
• Monitor work processes to ensure compliance with the site work permit system and area/system responsibilities.
• Prepare/provide a safety induction briefing to new ExxonMobil (EM) team members and EM visitors to site.
• Collect and share safety lessons learned with other sites and project and functional management.

Required knowledge, qualifications, skills, and experiences:
• College level education or equivalent.
• 5-7 years in Construction Safety-related positions (Prefer previous experience with ESSO, Exxon, Mobil, or ExxonMobil).
• Good computer skills including Lotus Notes, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint.


Responsibility and duties:
• Assist with budgeting and staffing for MCL OIMS Department.
• Assist with security plans, risk assessments, and quality assurance security reviews when required.
• Coordinate Management and Protection of Information (MPI) initiatives for MCL operations within the Jakarta office.
- MPI Checks
- Follow-up/Stewardship
- Training
• Assist with planning and coordination related to MCL employee and visitor travel.
• Stand in for the Risk Management Process Specialist and Field Security Manager during their absence.
• Assist with monitoring field security operations and provide support accordingly.
• Compile metrics from the field for functional management review and stewardship.
• Update the Jakarta “Daily Security Advisory” Map.

Required knowledge, qualifications, skills, and experiences:
• Three year diploma from trade school or university.
• Minimum of six years in security administration/coordination.
• Fluent in both written and spoken Bahasa Indonesia and English.
• Able to quickly learn new skills and stay up to date on advanced security technology and principles.


Responsibility and duties:

Ensure alignment of commissioning and startup schedules and costs with the overall project schedule and cost:
• Develop and maintain Level 1, 2 and 3 Primavera Commissioning and Start-up planning and execution schedules by systems and sub-systems covering Engineering, Construction, Commissioning, Turnover and Start-Up phases. Ensure that Commissioning and Start-Up schedules are aligned with the overall Project Schedule.
• Integrate Commissioning and Start-Up schedules into the overall project schedules. Liaise with Construction Planner and Project Planners to identify schedule slippage/gain as early as possible. Participate in the Weekly Project Controls and Planning meetings to highlight areas of concern.
• Monitor and maintain the Construction Completion (CC) status data from Construction.
• Assist the Commissioning Leads to develop detailed level 4/5 schedules for critical or complex systems commissioning activities.
• Work with the Start-Up team to create an accurate Preparation for Start-Up and Start-Up Execution schedules, and track progress against the schedules
• Develop and implement a comprehensive Physical Progress Measurement Tracking System to enable tracking of Commissioning and Start-Up Planning and Execution activities against the approved schedules. Develop methods for quick recovery for those activities which are falling behind schedules.
• Develop and integrate the Instrument Loop Testing database into the overall progress measurement system.
• Prepare a weekly progress report in the form of charts and tables for submission to the Project Management Team (PMT) and inclusion in the overall project report.
• Develop Commissioning and Start-Up budget to cover all activities from Engineering phase through Acceptance of the Facility by Operations.
• Develop a detail onshore and offshore commissioning and start-up manpower mobilization/demobilization plan and histogram for each phase of the project. Integrate Commissioning and Start-Up histograms into the overall project manpower histogram.
• Develop a detail onshore and offshore commissioning and start-up vendor support mobilization/ demobilization plan and histogram for each phase of the project. Develop cost estimate for vendor call-outs.
• Develop lists of required commissioning and start-up spares, consumables, first-fills, special tools, temporary equipment, etc. in collaboration with the commissioning and start-up teams. Develop cost estimate for purchasing and mobilizing these equipment and tools to work sites.
• Develop a detail schedule for DFO (Documents For Operations) development and handover to Operations.
• Contribute to a Project Safety Target of Zero LTI (Lost Time Incident).

Required knowledge, qualifications, skills, and experiences:

• A minimum of 10 years total hands-on work experience in any (or combination) of the following disciplines: planning, scheduling, budgeting, project control, estimator/quantity surveyor and/or engineering in oil & gas projects, including a minimum of 5 years work experience as a Commissioning/Start-Up or Project Planner with hands-on experience in supporting construction, installation and/or commissioning/start-up of oil & gas facilities development project on shore or offshore.
• Skills and experience in the development of project Commissioning and Start-Up schedules, activities progress tracking system, cost tracking system and other monitoring systems for similar size and complexity project.
• Skills and experience in the development of commissioning and start-up budget,.
• Skills and experience in the development of manpower and vendor support mobilization/demobilization plan and schedules, and the development of lists of required commissioning and start-up spares, consumables, first-fills, special tools, temporary equipment, etc.

• Bachelor degree in a related field is preferable and is a plus
• Certificates in planning and budgeting from recognized institutions are preferable

• Advance skill in project planning with Primavera and MS Project is a must
• Advance skill in the computer application software required in the project (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) is a must
• Advance skills in project estimating and budgeting is a must
• Good communication skills.


Responsibility and duties:
• Developing Tender Documents
- Help identify templates and go-bys
- Establish and manage the LAN directory
- Assist in document preparation (editing, typing, incorporating comments and changes, managing the master copy)
- Format and standardize documents
- Coordinate reviews with functional experts
- Assist with translations
• Support Tender and Contract Development Process
- Coordinate placing of media announcements
- Issue invitations to bidders and coordinate issuing and receipt of pre-qual/bid documents (liaising with SBA as required)
- Assist in reviewing Administrative submittals
- Handle correspondence with bidders, including proper recording, tracking documentation and filing.
- Establish files and ensure compliance with filing requirements – (liaising with Information Management as required for storage of bids etc)
- Arrange review and clarification meetings and coordinate required documentation e.g Attendance Lists, MoMs etc
- Track exceptions status of MCLs replies to such requests
- Conform documents as required
- Coordinate functional and gatekeeper reviews
- Assist in preparing award recommendation documents
- Coordinate security access requirements for pre-qualification and bid evaluations.
- Track exceptions and
- Assist in compilation, and coordinate issuing, of documents to BPMIGAS e.g, Procurement Plans, Award Recommendations, Contract copies.
- Webex coordinator for ITT (where applicable)
• Contract Execution:
- Establish procurement correspondence procedures
- Establish procurement files
- Handle correspondence with contractor
- Assist in review of monthly reports, expediting reports and inspection reports
- Assist in verifying and processing invoices

Required knowledge, qualifications, skills, and experiences:
• College degree
• Experience working in Procurement or other business function
• Ability to be certified in PTK-007
• Proficient in MS Office suite of software programs, Lotus Notes, etc.

Please send your application to recruitment@supraco.com with detailed resume and recent photograph and put job title name and code on subject email.